Woodleigh School Senior Homestead

Winner, Excellence in the use of Timber Products – Australian Certified Timber – in the Australian Timber Design Awards 2016

The timber used in the Woodleigh Senior Homestead is the central design element and pivotal to the architectural expression of the project. The inspiration for the use of timber was derived from both the beautiful natural landscaped setting of the buildings and the desire to use warm and tactile materials to express the structure both inside and out.

A key vision of the project was a commitment to environmental sustainability, hence all of the timber used was either local or Australian produced where possible, and all of the timbers used were sustainably sourced (AFS certified) and manufactured.

Spotted gum was selected for the engineered timber frame, external cladding and decking and internal veneer panels, and recycled Ironbark was used for the pergola posts and bridge construction. Recycled timber was also used wherever possible, both deliberately during the design stages and as the opportunity presented itself during the construction stage.

Design: Law Architects

Photography: Drew Echberg