Northshore Pavilion

The Northshore Pavilion is a small public information and amenities building overlooking the Brisbane River and used to engage with the community to share plans for Hamilton Reach, Queensland’s largest waterfront renewal precinct. The client’s brief requested that the structure be designed and built to be demountable with the potential to be re-erected for use elsewhere at a future point in time.

The structure incorporates a simple pitched roof shade assembly that covers the information and amenities pods. The primary structure is made from timber so that it can be unbolted and disassembled in panels, with the ‘pods’ designed to be craned out of the site. The wood used is recycled grey Ironbark which was originally used in the now demolished Hamilton wharves.

Whilst the high shade-structure assists way-finding to the Pavilion, the raised deck increases the visitors’ awareness of the river as it both steps and ramps offer views out over the water.

Design: Anna O’Gorman Architect

Photography: Christopher Frederick Jones