Marist College

Winner of the Sustainability Category in the 2016 Australian Timber Design Awards

The winners of the 2016 Australian Timber Design Awards were announced at a gala dinner on 15th September at Luna Park in Sydney. The Sustainability Category, sponsored by Planet Ark and presented by CEO Paul Klymenko, was awarded to Matt Dwyer and Garry Thompson from Y2 Architecture and Paul Waddell from Three Acres Landscape Architecture for the Marist College Bendigo Montagne Centre.

The Glulam and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) trusses used throughout the centre were selected in preference to steel not only to relate back to the Marist tradition of using conventional construction techniques and a closeness with natural materials, but also to incorporate their sustainability qualities.

Internally the structural grid is cleverly mapped out with Ironbark and Spotted Gum recycled telephone poles, which were used to support the exposed primary and secondary Glulam timber trusses.

Externally an AFS certified hardwood (Silvertop Ash) cladding was used around the perimeter of the building to provide a durable, thermally efficient and sustainable design solution. In addition, the use of rammed earth walls not only anchor the building to the site as it ‘floats’ over the wetlands, but their thermal mass properties help to regulate the temperature in the varying learning spaces inside the building.

The design for the college has built an intrinsic relationship with water by incorporating a system of wetlands and bio-filtration that weaves through the site. The system is used for onsite treatment of blackwater and storage/use of rainwater. Collectively they form part of a holistic method of water management designed to create a resilient learning community.

Design: Y2 Architecture and Three Acres Landscape Architecture

Photography: Bill Conroy, Press 1 Photography