Forté is the tallest timber apartment building in the world - at 32.17 metres tall. By using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Forté, reduces CO2 equivalent emissions by more than 1,400 tonnes when compared to concrete and steel - the equivalent of removing 345 cars from the roads.

Aspiring to be the first 5 Star Green-Star As Built certified residential building in Australia, Forté towers over 10 storeys offering 23 residential apartments with ground floor retail. Neighbouring the tower will be 4 luxury townhouses. The tower is designed and constructed by Lend Lease and will reflect the contemporary inner-city lifestyle of Victoria Harbour. Does the project have any other relevant environmental features?

In addition to the environmental benefits of using responsibly sourced wood, Forté combines other sustainable initiatives, such as LED lighting and smart metering. By using rainwater tanks, Forté collects rainwater from the roof and uses it to supplement toilet flushing and supply the fire system. The bathrooms are fitted with water efficient showerhead and taps. All units come complete with water and energy efficient dishwashers and washing machines. The building also has a car sharing system in operation.

Did you use certified wood?

All the wood used to build Forté is PEFC certified and manufactured and shipped from Austria.

Why did you choose wood?

Sustainability and a lowered environmental footprint have been the key drivers behind the wide use of CLT, in Europe for more than a decade. A building material that has been around for centuries, timber, enables the permanent capture of carbon so buildings become essentially ‘carbon sinks'. Using innovative technology, timber panels undergo a process whereby they are stacked at right angles and bonded together over their entire surface and then hydraulically pressed. This process delivers a viable alternative to concrete and steel that can withstand the same pressure as prefabricated concrete. Being designed and produced in a factory environment means it is also faster to build, cost effective, cleaner and has a higher quality finish.

Check out photos of the Forte building under construction