CLT House

Ecobuild Design completed the first Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) house in Australia at Maianbar, NSW on a modest budget and within an incredibly tight construction timeframe. 95 per cent of the structure is CLT, which was prefabricated offsite and erected in eight days.

The solid CLT structure and timber cladding have contributed significantly to the sustainability of the beach house. In addition, the lightweight timber structure allows large spans and cantilevers suitable for elevated construction on the sloping site. As a result, minimal pier foundations were required, which helped to reduce site excavation and disturbance, and protect native flora and fauna by including the mature eucalypt tree canopy.

All of the CLT and glulam elements were mechanically fixed which means that the structure and timber cladding can easily be de-constructed and reused at end of life.

The use of timber also helped to improve the thermal efficiency of the home. According to the owners, the thermal comfort of the house is remarkable, with no artificial cooling and minimal heating required, helping to reduce running costs.

Design: Ecobuild Design

Photography: Courtesy of Ecobuild Design