Chadstone Link

Winner of the Standalone Structure category in the 2020 Timber Design Awards

Chadstone Link pedestrian walkway at Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre stretches 110m in length and the superstructure is made entirely from visible glulam and covered by Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The structure consists of a series of diagrid archways made from Larch glulam, with arches tapering down from 15 metres in height near the mall entrance to 6 metres adjacent to the Hotel Chadstone entrance. The glulam sections are typically 1,050 x 200mm in the upper arch with the section reducing slightly as he legs approach the ground.

There is a simplicity to the glulam arch providing a cathedral-like atmosphere. Each arch comprises a single repeating element with legs varying in length to transition changing site levels. This repetition allows for consistent detailing, including all-metal hardware and an elegant aesthetic. At the same time, the use of highly detailed bolted connection means the structure is more readily able to adapt to future uses.

Design: Make Architects

Photography: Peter Bennetts and Capture Point Media