Giants combine for a Sustainable Retail Concept

Dec 1, 2020


In a partnership that has sustainability at its core, global fashion icon Levi’s unveiled a collaboration with David Jones, Australasia’s leading premium department store retailer. The two companies proudly unveiled a retail concept primarily created from salvaged Tasmanian timbers called Hydrowood.

Hydrowood is an environmentally friendly salvaged supply of Tasmania’s finest timbers that were submerged in the 70s, when the Pieman River was dammed to generate hydro-electricity. These timbers have been carefully recovered from Lake Pieman under strict environmental guidelines, and are now used to craft furniture, boats and bespoke home features. In salvaging this otherwise wasted resource, Hydrowood is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly (and greenest!) timber.

In using timber for their innovative retail concept store, Levi’s and David Jones are showcasing one of our best renewable resources in the heart of Melbourne, at David Jones’ Bourke Street Mall flagship store.

Wood is the only mainstream building material that is renewable – the ultimate renewable. This is where timber stands out, unlike other building materials, such as steel, glass or concrete, which have a much higher carbon footprint in their production processes and, whilst they are recyclable, they are not renewable.

"The new retail concept is a physical representation of our ongoing commitment to craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability,” says Paul Sweet, Managing Director ANZ for Levi Strauss & Co. "We’re placing environmental considerations front and centre of the shopping experience and inviting consumers to shop more consciously."

"Using Hydrowood is an incredible story of sustainability and a true innovation in resourcefulness", says local industrial designer, Jaron Dickson. In order to minimise the environmental impact of the building process, the structures use water-based products for gluing and finishings, with most wood shavings given away in order to minimise any waste. The elements of the space can also either be broken down using the loose tenon structures or simply repurposed as furniture in an office or home which is great.

The innovative space is leading the way for sustainable fashion in the retail industry and offers consumers a conscious and sustainable way to shop. While the store itself is new and exciting, Levi’s commitment to sustainability and environmental considerations extends into their garments also.

Along with Levi’s Made & Crafted, Wellthread™, the innovative space within David Jones will house a number of other exciting collections which also incorporate sustainability through either the design or production process. The Levi’s garments will also be displayed on 100% recyclable Arch & Hook BLUE® hangers — the world’s first hanger made of Marine Plastics®, collected from the world’s five most polluted rivers.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Levi’s on this sustainability initiative," says Bridget Veals, David Jones General Manager Womenswear, Footwear and Accessories. "David Jones is committed to considering new ways of doing business to support a transition to the low-carbon and circular economy of the future. Working with our brands and investing in programs and activities that optimise our use of energy, increase diversion of waste from landfill and reduce natural resource consumption is part of this commitment and our broader Good Business Journey."