Fun Stuff

Fun, educational activities are a great way to learn about the carbon cycle and the benefits of wood for the environment. Find out how much carbon is stored in a tree, enter the competition to win an iPad and follow how carbon moves through the cycle to end up in wood products.


Measure how much carbon is stored in a tree

Ever wondered how much carbon is stored in a tree? With this tree tape it is fun and easy to measure exactly how much carbon a tree stores as it grows.


Play the interactive carbon cycle

Carbon travels through the planet and environment in many different states. In some places it can have disastrous effects on the climate and in others it can help tackle climate change. 

This interactive follows the journey of carbon through the carbon cycle. Find out how carbon moves from the atmosphere as carbon dioxide into a wooden building or a piece of wooden furniture where it is stored for life as carbon.


National Tree Day

Each year around 250,000 Australian school students participate in a special National Tree Day event just for kids - Schools Tree Day. It's a great opportunity for children to learn about, and make a contribution to, Australia's natural environment while having fun at the same time.


Forest Learning provides activities, resources and ideas for teachers to integrate forest and sustainability education into their learning programs. Over 100 resources are available covering years 3 to 12 across a range of key learning areas of the Australian Curriculum including science, social science, earth and environmental science, history, geography, mathematics, biology and technology.