Meyer Timber Head Office, St Marys, NSW

The new headquarters for Meyer Timber in St Marys, NSW, was built using Timber Building Systems - a post-tensioned panelised timber prefabricated building system developed for use in multi-level residential and commercial buildings.

The building assembly system comprises a structural timber and steel based panel element encompassing facades, insulation, glazing with a finished internal skin ready for final painting.

By applying Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) principles, the system provides quick on-site construction; as you can see from the time-lapse video, the structural build of the project was completed in 2½ days, over 30% less than conventional construction.

The engineered timber panels, including a 16mm single layer fire rated ceiling plaster, are able to provide a 60-60-60 Fire Resistance Level rating (FRL) without a sprinkler system, and achieves a 90-90-90 FRL with a fire sprinkler system.

Most importantly, the building used timber sourced from certified providers to ensure that the building was produced using wood components that are renewable, provide a long-term store of carbon and a significant reduction in embodied energy compared to conventional construction techniques.

Designed in collaboration by Ken McBryde, Principal at HASSELL and Jad Silvester, Partner at Silvester Fuller

Engineering design by BM EiG, structural engineering by Robert Bird Group

Photography: Tyrone Branigan