Jamie Oliver's Mobile Kitchen, Queensland

The Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen is made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood panel products and locally sourced recycled timber from an old worker's cottage and a run down sugar warehouse. It travels throughout Queensland teaching Jamie's philosophy on food and teaching how to cook meals from scratch using fresh ingredients. The truck was designed by Druce Davey of Greener Kitchens. 

What type of certified wood did you use?

The kitchen is made from FSC certified wood panel products and locally sourced recycled timber. The recycled timber used included Cooktown ash floorboards to create some feature door panels, as well as blackbutt and spotted gum from the decommissioned Mackay Sugar Warehouse as beautiful bench-tops. Old oak windows from a demolished worker's cottage are re-used to create wall cupboards.

‘Using certified timber products in the Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen was all about embracing and promoting the very simple idea that if it is from a tree it should be FSC.'  Druce Davey, Greener Kitchens

Why did you think it was important to use certified wood in this project?

The Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen shows that recycled timber or FSC certified timber products are available and perfect for use in kitchens and make for beautiful, environmentally responsible, functional and inspiring spaces.

'Making sure the FSC logo is prominent on any timber products you are using is a simple way to know for certain they are environmentally appropriate.' Druce Davey, Greener Kitchens

Did you come across any obstacles in the sourcing of the wood?

I am really privileged to have fabulous relationships with my suppliers, which makes it very easy to find and use responsible timber products.

What do you think are the advantages of using wood in a project like this?

From a practical point of view the use of recycled timber was perfect in the Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen because it is a very robust material that can be renovated over time, ensuring longevity. Where other materials might fail under the strain of 120 odd enthusiastic cooks a week, recycled timber just gets better with age and can be renewed if necessary.

‘No other material has the capacity to authentically play homage to a place like recycled timber with its rich and interesting back-story and patina of a previous life.'