Auchenflower Greener Kitchen, Brisbane

This kitchen renovation for a private residence in the Inner Brisbane suburb of Auchenflower was constructed from recycled timber and certified wood panel products.  The kitchen was designed by Druce Davey of Greener Kitchens.

What type of certified wood did you use?

The kitchen was constructed from recycled timber and certified wood panel products. The recycled wood used to create doors and panels for the floor cabinets and island bench are recycled Blackbutt floorboards fixed together horizontally to form rigid panels suitable for joinery.

Why do you think it was important to use certified wood in this project?

The client engaged me because she was renovating with the environment in mind, sourcing recycled timber flooring and wall paneling to reconfigure the spaces in her home. The brief was to achieve a modern and very functional kitchen with environmental integrity, which led to a design that used lovely old recycled wood in a whole new way.

Did you come across any obstacles in sourcing the wood?

Not at all. There is always a very healthy supply of recycled timber floorboards that are fabulous for use in a kitchen. There are amazing recycled timber merchants across Australia with stockpiles of beautiful boards that are just begging to be used in a kitchen, where their beauty is presented in a much stronger way by virtue of their vertical application. FSC certified wood panel products are as readily available as any other panel product and competitively priced, making them a very easy responsible choice for a kitchen.

What do you think are the advantages of using wood in a project such as this?

I consider it very important to use recycled and FSC certified timber products in all of my work as they are the best way of minimizing the environmental consequences of a kitchen renovation. Recycled timber has a low embodied energy, stores carbon, has amazing longevity and just gets better with age. This makes it the perfect material to create kitchens that are robust, age gracefully and will outlive the typical 15 year kitchen used by date. Using FSC certified products ensure that high conservation value forests are protected, habitats are preserved and help my clients to be an active and proud part in the crusade against the illegal timber trade that causes so much harm to the environment.

Druce Davey, Greener Kitchens