Julie Koh kitchen

Julie Koh’s kitchen in Mortlake, Sydney uses wood that is either recycled or chain of custody certified ensuring it has come from responsible forestry practices.

‘What I love about using recycled wood is that you get to retain the character of the wood. The marks and scars tell a story and have given my kitchen personality. I was also surprised that it was no more expensive than an installation from a regular kitchen company.’ Julie Koh.

Julie has used recycled wood for the pantry doors and the overhead cabinet. The island bench table is made from the timber, as are the floorboards. A mixture of different recycled hardwoods provides a beautiful pallet of texture and colour.The recycled wood was sourced from the Big Red Shed in Queensland.

When asked why Julie decided to use wood she said,’ I like the feel of it. It is really warm for me. A lot of kitchens have an artificial look to them. I prefer the more natural look and recycled timber has that characteristic of not looking too perfect. The marks and scars tell a story and give it more character and personality.’

‘One thing that really surprised me is that my builder Druce Davey of Greener Kitchens and his joiner in Sydney managed to provide me with the complete kitchen package for the same price as a regular large manufacturer. I was happy that I achieved higher quality for a similar price as a regular kitchen.'