Photo Competition 2020


We would like to express our grateful thanks to all those that entered the Make It Wood photo competition. We received over 450 entries, many of which were of a very high calibre, making the judges’ decision a very difficult one. Congratulations to the winners in each category.

Category 1

A photo featuring wood used in buildings. This could be a home office, kitchen, staircase, deck, gazebo, tree house, or a wooden building that you particularly like.

Chris Horgan - Fremantle, WA

"The way this wood has weathered only enhances its beauty. Unadulterated since it was built, nature is reclaiming it one season at a time."

"In a world where we are often pressured to look young forever, the natural beauty and character that comes with ageing is so beautifully captured in this image. The way that timber continues to tell a story over time reminds us what an amazing building material it really is, as evident in the way each individual board has aged in its own unique way, a good message for all of us. The well-considered composition has the two doors centered allowing their equally aged hinges and latches to add further character and beauty to the shot, with the ladder to one side visually connecting the two in an obviously practical but visually interesting way.

At a time when droughts, then bushfires have reminded so many of us in the city just how resilient our country cousins are, I feel this image, which has an obvious country vibe, reminds me of their strength and character being somehow represented, reminding us that similarly to how these two doors are, we too are all connected, and that our innate character will remain strong over time and that we can weather whatever life throws at us."

— James Treble

"Chaos and serenity quietly coexist in this image. It beautifully captures how wood, like the natural world it comes from, exists in different states across time. The aged timber boards, still proudly displaying their unique grain, reconnect to the past and the trees they once were. The weathering influences of moss, lichen, water and sunshine are rendered vividly in each. Sunlight and wind have faded the upper parts of the boards; the soil and moisture have dyed them a rich green from below. This wood, existing for years as a door, a ladder, a wall, will eventually return to the land, just not yet. But when it does it will find new states and perhaps in time give life to new trees."

— Tony Matthews

Category 2

A photo of something you’ve made or love that is made of wood. This could include toys, furniture, photo frames, sculptures, storage boxes or shelves.

Andrew Harring - Petrie Terrace, QLD

"This photo of a carved manta ray cresting a coral bombie combines three of my favourite pastimes; woodwork, nature and up-cycling. The manta ray was carved from old plywood bookshelves which were to be otherwise thrown away. The coral bombie is a natural formed tree base/trunk which was salvaged from a firewood pile. I love the combination of sculpted fluid-like from of the manta from processed wood, balanced with the natural form of the tree trunk/base. I made this as a memento of a favourite diving trip as I wanted to make sure that I could be confident it was made from responsibly sourced materials."

"I love this manta ray sculpture as you can't see the grain in the piece and the smooth finish does contrast the rougher stand as Andrew has outlined in his description. Another reason I love this is that I’m also a big timber recycler, which is why I joined Planet Ark, based upon my work on The Living Room. The fact he carved it from timber which was destined for the scrap heap makes the piece even more special! We also used to stand as manta rays would swim around our legs in metre deep water at our old beach house down the south coast - such an amazing and special experience!"

— James Treble


Congratulations to the finalists in each category.

Category 1

Chris Horgan - Fremantle, WA

"Who said studying in a library is boring. I proudly take visitors to Perth to see this library because I find it one of the most calming places I know. Books come from the trees, and when I'm reading them here, I feel like I'm sitting amongst tall timbers."

Gillian Fury - Sutherland, NSW

"Wandering around Sydney for “Open Sydney” a couple of years ago and we came into the Business School of Sydney university in Darlington. This staircase was so beautiful, it literally took my breath away. I ran my hands over the smooth wood, walked up and down stunned at the workmanship and use of the timbers. Priceless."

Jeff Nitsch - Southbank, VIC

"As Australia's first six star green building, Melbourne's Council House 2 is great for the environment but also looks great within its environment. This photo is taken late on a winter afternoon and the wood really pops in the sun against a blue sky, showing how the facade has matured and weathered with the natural evironment."

Chris Horgan - Fremantle, WA

"This is the inside of a shingled wood pagoda on my parents' farm. While most people admire the beauty of the shingles on the exterior, the detail of the supports is the beauty that catches my eye."

Chris Horgan - Fremantle, WA

"This is a lifesaving tower at one of my favourite beaches. This beach is one of nature's greatest creations, and the fact that so much effort was put into the design of this tower to make it a feature, not an eyesore, I take my hat off to the local council. The wood makes it contemporary, yet complimentary to the natural environment in which it sits."

Category 2

Richard Misquitta

"One of the features at home is the handmade chess board on a coffee table that I built from recycled wood. When I saw these chunky boards, I was inspired to make a feature coffee table."

Xandra Macatangay - Taylors Hill, VIC

"These wooden coasters were a gift."

Melissa T. - Brisbane, QLD

"My favourite wooden things."

Andrew Harring - Petrie Terrace, QLD

"This sunset shot is of a sculpture I made of a moray eel coming out from its cave. The eel is carved from discarded plywood shelves, while the cave is a hollowed out end of a tree branch which had been cut down as part of roadworks. I love the balance showing the raw natural beauty of the hollowed log with the sculpted beauty made possible from up-cycling used processed timber."

Sienna Grady - Werrington, NSW

"My parents' 38-years-old (1982) Tasmanian Coachwood timber rowing scull."