A touch of wood

A touch of wood

Beautiful homes are created from spaces that promote warmth, comfort and relaxation. There is no easier way to achieve those feelings than to incorporate sustainably sourced, certified wood into your home environment.

Why wood is naturally better

The choice of sustainable wood in interiors is far from a new trend; ultimately, it has been used for centuries and for good reason.

Sustainably sourced, certified wood is the only major building material that helps tackle climate change. It is both renewable and stores carbon; about 50 per cent of the dry weight of wood is carbon that has been removed from the atmosphere by a growing tree.Wood also has lower embodied energy than most other materials (embodied energy is the amount of energy used in the production and transportation of a material).

The natural beauty of wood is also undeniable; however one of its key features is its incredible versatility. It can be used in a multitude of ways, which is why it is often seen everywhere from your favourite coffee shop and boutique clothing store, all the way to your special night out restaurant. Commercial premises that have their finger on the pulse and understand what people prefer, love the organic nature of wood and its ability to reconnect people with their surroundings.

A little bit trendy

There is little doubt in the modern world that many people long to reconnect with nature and are bucking the trends of harsher building products.

Wood has always been continued to be a popular material in residential and commercial spaces, but has recently seen a significant increase due to a trend towards using more natural materials.

Christine Ghrayche, Creative Director of One x One Interiors says: “Wood has been emulated in the design trends we've seen over 2016, 2017 and likely to continue for years to come.

“This desire to get back to nature and use organic materials such as wood has been attributed to our technology-addicted fast-paced world and people want to reconnect with nature in an effort to ‘digitally detox’.”

During the past few years, interior trends have included a move towards industrial design with a Scandinavian vibe. This design mentality is found in many cafes and restaurants and follows the design principles of simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The beauty of this ethos is that nothing is excessive or wasteful.

The strategic and thoughtful use of wood can also soften people’s perceptions of most interior areas, the natural attributes of wood creating a link to the natural world outside.

There are significant benefits to bringing certified wood into your living spaces. It creates a synergy between the natural freedom of outside living, and the comforts of being inside your home.

The use of technology in everyday life, while essential, can be overwhelming. The ability to create an atmosphere that isn’t artificial, but one that draws directly from nature can help you step away from the synthetic essence of technology. The decision to adopt a minimalist, non-waste approach is increasingly popular, and it’s one that you can easily make in your own home.

Wood is a resource that Ghrayche says has enormous impact and when incorporated into a house, has the ability to instantly soften a space because of the organic touch it adds.”

Ghrayche also says adding touches of wood to your own home can be achieved quite easily.

Installing timber floors will instantly add warmth, character and provides you with a beautiful colour palette that can be layered upon for comfort and style,” she says.

The versatility of wood lends itself to many projects that are far more difficult to achieve by using other materials. A weekend cubby house project, for instance, would not be the same without the workability and practicality of wood.

Due to its intricate natural composition, wood has character unlike any other material. Much like a loved cubby house, wood can be like storyteller; each groove effortlessly telling a tale of history, memories and of enduring family traditions.

Mind over matter

Sourcing sustainable, certified wood allows not only beauty in design, but can provide you with a clear conscience. No other renewable building material can also give you the flexibility in design and easy of use in construction. It might not be a new idea to use certified wood in your next project, but it is, without a doubt a good idea.  

Certified wood is also a material that, with the right level of care, will stand the test of time. It has a timeless quality that will allow the future generations of your family to enjoy and remember your handiwork and design choices for many years to come.