Sponsors and Partners

Wood. Naturally Better.TM

The aim of Forest & Wood Products Australia's (FWPA) Wood. Naturally Better.TM program is to increase the use of sustainably sourced wood - by making people aware of its environmental advantages and many other benefits. The program is resourced by FWPA, the industry services organisation, and supported by a wide range of business and other organisations. To discover more about the benefits of using sustainably sourced wood, please visit www.naturallybetter.com.au.

Partner Program For People Working With Wood

Wood. Naturally Better.TM has a Partner Program, which allows companies working with wood to use the Wood. Naturally Better.TM logo and access promotional materials. More information is available here.

WoodSolutionsTM for building professionals

WoodSolutionsTM gives architects, engineers and other building professionals information about how to design and specify with wood products. WoodSolutionsTM information channels include:

WoodSolutionsTM is another initiative of FWPA on behalf of the Australian forest and wood products sector.