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Norway to be home to world's tallest wood building

Date: 24-Apr-14
Author: Chris Philpot


Work has begun on a fourteen-story wooden building in Norway, which once complete will become the tallest wooden building in the world, topping the Forte building in Melbourne by 4 storeys.  The structure, to be known as 'Treet', or The tree will rise to 49 metres, easily eclipsing the existing record holder in Melbourne, Australia.

But the big difference between this building and Forte is that whilst Forte is constructed from giant panels of wood, known as cross-laminated timber, ‘Treet' has a timber frame formed from one-metre thick columns of wooden glulam.  The glulam beams and posts provide the load bearing support and apartments are lifted into place as modules.

Once the modules are fixed in place early next year, the entire building will be wrapped in a glass and metal facade to protect the wooden structures from the notoriously wet Bergen climate. 

According to the Bergen and Omegn Building Society this project will store approximately one thousand tons of CO2 in the wooden construction.  Half the dry weight of wood is carbon.  The carbon that is locked away in the wood of the building remains there for the life of the building in turn keeping it out of the atmosphere and helping to tackle climate change.