Great week for wood announcements - Make it Wood News

Great week for wood announcements

Date: 25-Mar-14
Author: Chris Philpot

Murray Grove, London © Planet Ark

In the last few days both the United States of America and New Zealand have made announcements in favour of wood.  Tall wooden buildings such as Murray Grove in London and the Forte building in Melbourne are leading the way in the use of engineered wood and it is exciting to see governments starting to take the lead in encouraging the use of wood as one way of helping to tackle climate change.

The White House Rural Council and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have announced a climate-driven initiative that would see architects, builders and engineers trained in the benefits of wood as a structural material. 


This announcement comes at a time when the labour government in New Zealand is proposing a 'pro wood' policy which includes:

- tax deferrals in the form of accelerated depreciation to encourage industry to invest in new technology and plant

- a pro-wood government procurement policy for government-funded buildings up to four storeys high to boost the domestic market

- suspensory loans to encourage new forest planting

- forestry taskforces for long-term unemployed

- introduce legacy forest status to protect our indigenous forest


Many governments and councils around the world already have wood encouragement policies in place.