National Carpenters Day 2013 - Make it Wood News

National Carpenters Day 2013

Date: 25-Oct-13
Author: Chris Philpot

 Friday 25 October 2013 is National Carpenters Day

Australia’s Carpenter of the Year and the Apprentice Carpenter of the Year have been announced.

Congratulations to:
Nicholas Power from Victoria – Carpenter of the Year
Bradley Altmann from Queensland – Apprentice Carpenter of the Year

National Carpenters Day honours carpenters as one of Australia’s unsung heroes and makers of one of the oldest crafts. The story would resonate with communities across Melbourne, with many of us knowing a chippy or having experienced their craftsmanship ourselves.

How we view wood is often taken for granted, mainly because it has always been there, like the air around us. We often don’t realise how much of our lives it incorporates. From our home to our work, to where we relax, usually, it can all be traced back to the handy efforts of our chippies.

Not only are they providers of convenience but also makers of beauty, sophistication and art. National Carpenters Day is a celebration of all those things and the many uses and environmental benefits that wood provides us.

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