WOOD: art design architecture 15 Feb- 6 Apr Adelaide - Make it Wood News

WOOD: art design architecture 15 Feb- 6 Apr Adelaide

Date: 27-Feb-13
Author: Chris Philpot

Jam Factory Exhibition © Chris Philpot

WOOD: art design architecture showcases work by contemporary Australian artists, designers and architects. The exhibition looks at the use of wood through three lenses; place and identity, sustainability and ecology, craftsmanship and technology. It represents a cross-section of current creative practices, modes of thinking and relationships to this fundamental material and combines furniture and functional objects, sculptural works (including wood carving by Indigenous artists), interiors and architectural work.

Art, design and architecture are rarely brought together in a single exhibition, but doing so allows a broader exploration of our relationship to wood and how we engage with it in our everyday lives. Wood is inseparably connected to the human condition. From mankind’s earliest manipulation of sticks for warmth, shelter and gathering food, the increasingly sophisticated ways that we have used and understood this material reflect the history of civilisation itself. This landmark exhibition will examine our ever evolving relationship to wood through its use in the art, design and architecture of today.

Artists include Alexander Lotersztain, ARM Architecture, Billy and Lulu Cooley, Brian Hooper Architect & m3architecture, Catherine Truman, Christina Waterson, Damien Wright, Drew Heath, Duncan Meerding, Greer Honeywill, Hossein Valamanesh, John Quan, John Wardle, Jon Goulder, Khai Liew, Lionel Bawden, Mance Design, March Studio, Marcus O’Reilly, Paul Morgan, Peter Walker, Sherrie Knipe, Simon Ancher, Tom Mirams, TreeHorn Design, Nawurapu Wunungmurra, Gary Warner and Zeljko Markov.

The exhibition furniture for WOOD: art design architecture has been designed by Stephen Goddard in conjunction with JamFactory’s Furniture Design Studio. The interpretive materials – labels, wall texts, interactive digital media – will provide an insight into the meaning of the work and the use of the material. A significant 250 page catalogue, also designed by Stephen Goddard with commissioned essays will accompany the exhibition.

WOOD: art design architecture will be shown across two venues in Adelaide – JamFactory and the Santos Museum of Economic Botany within the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide before touring nationally to eight other venues. The exhibition has been co-curated by Brian Parkes and Elliat Rich, supported by the Commonwealth Government’s Contemporary Touring Initiative and is principally sponsored by Wood. Naturally Better.

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