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Wind turbine stores carbon

Date: 14-Nov-12
Author: Chris Philpot

German wind turbine © Inhabitat

According to a Department of Energy report released in August, roughly $14 billion was invested in the wind industry last year, which accounts for a 32 percent increase in U.S. generating capacity and supports roughly 75,000 full-time jobs in 43 states. While all that clean energy is a great thing, wind turbines aren't as green as you may think. Currently, more steel is being used in the wind energy industry than in shipbuilding. Making steel requires enormous amounts of energy, is expensive, and releases harmful CO2 into the atmosphere.

That's why a German company called TimberTower is experimenting with a new turbine design - the company recently celebrated the installation of the world's first wooden wind turbine tower in Hanover, Germany. TimberTower says the turbine will sequester 400 tons of CO2 while generating clean, renewable energy

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