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IKEA promotes sustainably sourced wood products

Date: 24-Oct-12
Author: Chris Philpot

IKEA's ‘People and Planet Positive' Sustainability Strategy has announced that by 2020, it will grow at least as many trees as it uses to make products such as beds or cupboards. This is great news for wood based products and sustainable forestry.

By 2017 it would buy 10 million cubic metres of wood - half the projected total for that year and four times current amounts - from sources such as those certified by the non-profit Forest Stewardship Council.

Taken from the IKEA Group's 2012 Sustainability Strategy ‘People and Planet Positive':

‘We will take a lead in responsible sourcing of raw materials. By FY17, the majority of the renewable materials used will come from preferred sources such as Better Cotton or FSC certified wood.

  • Before FY20, become forest positive. Promote the adoption of sustainable forestry methods across the industry and contribute to ending deforestation.
  • 100% of the wood used is sourced in compliance with our forestry requirements. By FY17, more than quadruple the volumes of wood material coming from preferred sources. This represents 10 million m3, or in other words, 50% of the total projected volume of wood used at IKEA.'

‘Target key raw materials with dedicated "resource chain" projects to establish new flows of recycled materials.

  • By FY20, 30% of the wood used by the industry group will be recycled.'