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Help Us Help Australian Forests On FSC Friday

Date: 03-Sep-12
Author: Chris Philpot

FSC Friday © Chris Philpot

Help us help FSC put standards in place that protect Australian forests and you could win an FSC certified 7 Piece Bar Mimosa Outdoor Setting (worth $599). Planet Ark is supporting FSC Friday and you can help too. 

To help consumers make responsible decisions about what wood to buy they need to have access to credible and easy to understand certification systems. Certification helps to ensure that the wood comes from recycled sources and well-managed plantations and forests. Most importantly, it ensures that valuable forests are protected.

This year, Planet Ark is getting involved with FSC Friday and we're encouraging you to join in too. On FSC Friday, 28 September, you are invited to consider the wood and paper products you buy, and look for the FSC logo as the mark of responsible wood sources.

There are three ways you can help Planet Ark support FSC:

1. Buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win an FSC certified 7 Piece Bar Mimosa Outdoor Setting (worth $599)


2. Get two raffle tickets for the price of one! Just email a photo of an FSC product that you've seen showing the product and the FSC logo to We'll then issue you with a special discount code.  We'll also upload it to the Make It Wood Facebook page.  Hint - you'll find the FSC logo on paper and wood products including various tissues, toilet roll, and furniture.

3. Make a donation to Planet Ark that we'll pass on, in full, to FSC Australia.


All proceeds raised will go towards helping FSC Australia develop an FSC Australian National Forestry Standard to ensure that more forests in Australia are protected and consumers are able to make more informed decisions about the wood they buy.  In addition, Planet Ark's Make It Wood campaign will match-fund every donation*.  *(up to the value of $5000)

You can also hold your own event at home, school or work.

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