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Interim Agreement on Tasmanian Forest Wood Supply and Conservation

Date: 03-Sep-12
Author: Chris Philpot

A number of environment groups including the Australian Conservation Foundation, Environment Tasmania, and The Wilderness Society (Australia and Tasmania) have signed the ‘Interim Agreement On Tasmanian Forests Wood Supply And Conservation' with Tasmanian timber and forestry contractors, associations and unions. 

The agreement aims to provide an end to the conflict over Tasmania's native forests by:

  • Providing additional protection for native forests with important conservation values;
  • Agreeing an ongoing, vibrant forestry industry in Tasmania based on native and, increasingly in the future, plantation forests;
  • Recognising strong, resilient communities and decent and secure jobs for workers; and
  • Implementing a strong focus on research and development to assist in driving these objectives.

In addition, the agreement brings good news for certification. The report states, ‘The Signatories support forest certification of appropriate remaining forestry activity in Tasmania, and the further development of Australian national certification standards for forest management.'

It continues, ‘The Signatories will actively support Forest Stewardship Council certification for the Permanent Timber Production Zone Land managed as intended under the final agreement, as a matter of priority.'

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