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FSC - AGM update

Date: 12-Jun-12
Author: Chris Philpot

The sixth FSC Australia Annual General Meeting was held at the Melbourne Bowls Club at Flagstaff Gardens on Wednesday 30th May, 2012. The AGM was well attended, with around 100 people present.

FSC Australia welcomes two new board members to the Economic Chamber - Jacqueline Fegent-McGeachie (Kimberly-Clark Australia (KCA) and James Felton-Taylor (Australian Sustainable Timbers). Jacqueline is the Sustainability Manager with KCA and has played an active role in the considerable KCA-FSC promotional activities in recent years, which have hugely benefited FSC brand recognition in Australia. James Felton-Taylor operates the FM/COC Certified Australian Sustainable Timber operation in the NSW Hunter Valley, one of the FSC Certified native forestry operations. Australian Sustainable Timbers have been FSC certified since December 2007 and have been a vocal and important advocate for FSC Australia and responsible forest management in the region. Jacqueline and James join Tony Price from Australian Bluegum Plantations who has been re-elected for a further two year term.

As there were two positions vacant and two nominations received for the FSC Australia Environment Chamber no vote was held at the 2012 AGM. However, FSC Australia welcomes Warrick Jordan from The Wilderness Society. Warrick is National Forest Campaigner with the Wilderness Society, and has been actively engaged with FSC Australia over the last 12 months. The second vacancy in the Environment Chamber went to Susie Russell (North East Forest Alliance) who returns to the FSC Australia board for another 3-year term. Warrick and Susie join Jonathan La Nauze from Friends of the Earth who is a long-standing board member.

Following a request for nominations from the floor, members present at the 2012 AGM voted for Chris Taylor to fill a vacancy in the FSC Australia Social Chamber. Chris Taylor has completed a PhD in Forest Certification and has extensive knowledge of the FSC system in the Australian context. Chris joins Mr Jim Adams (Timber Communities Australia) who has been re-elected for a further three year term and Linda Fiendberg (individual) in the Social chamber.

With the FSC Australia consumer base diversifying rapidly, and an increasing scope to the type of Australian business becoming FSC certified, the importance of FSC Australia membership grows. Now is the time to get involved and help determine the future direction an organisation dedicated to responsible forest management in Australia.

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