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Desperately Seeking Wood

Date: 20-Mar-12
Author: Chris Philpot

FINALIST - 'Looking over our back fence to the neighbour's new house', Camberwell Victoria by Joely Taylor (from Camberwell, VIC)

Make It Wood aims to increase the use of responsibly sourced wood in Australia. If you've recently used certified wood in a building or renovation project, we'd love to talk to you further about your experience. You may have put in a wooden floor, a wood window frame or a wooden deck or even sculpted a beautiful piece of wooden furniture. If it is certified wood, it is sourced responsibly and storing carbon and we want to talk to you! 

We would like to use photos and information from your renovation/build to demonstrate the beauty, potential and ease of working with wood.

In addition, if you supply or sell wood with Chain of Custody certification we are keen to talk to you about why you think it is so important to source wood from well-managed forests.

If you fit this description and would like to share your story, simply fill in your details on the Contact Us form, providing a short description (100 words) of your project and we'll be in touch shortly. 

Wood stores carbon for life and as such keeps it out of the atmosphere, so by using responsibly sourced wood we are not only creating a beautiful surrounding but helping to tackle climate change at the same time. 

In addition to wood's carbon storage properties, responsibly sourced wood is also renewable, durable, versatile and a cost-effective way of building or renovating.  So next time you're building or buying something ‘Make It Wood and Do Your World Some Good'.