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Recycled wood is beautiful and stores carbon indefinitely

Date: 25-Oct-11
Author: Chris Philpot

Regatta Foreshore, Toronto © Chris Philpot

Wood can be recycled from all sorts of places for example, reclaimed shipping crates, pallets and scrap.  By using recycled wood its life is extended so there is no need to use newly sourced wood.  In addition recycled wood continues to store the carbon indefinitely. After decades or even centuries of use, wood buildings can be easily adapted or deconstructed and reused.


Kennedy's, based in Australia, specialise in using recycled wood to produce beautiful wooden structures.  Recycled Red Ironbark and Turpentine and new Spotted Gum have been used at the Regatta Foreshore in Toronto, NSW to build a new kiosk, amenities building, boardwalk and pergola.

Other companies, for example, Viridian Wood in Portland, US, make flooring, decking, counters and other architectural products using wood reclaimed from shipping crates, pallets and scrap wood, discarded at local docks.

Remember, when choosing wood to look for certified wood, for example FSC.  This will ensure that the wood has been sourced responsibly and that high conservation value forests stay protected. 

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