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MEDIA RELEASE: Exposure to wood good for the heart, the head and healing 21 March 2017

Incorporating wood in the interior design and construction of buildings where we live, work, learn, play and heal is key to improved health and wellbeing.

REPORT: Wood – Nature Inspired Design

A new report by Planet Ark on the significant health and wellbeing benefits of exposure to wooden interiors and products 21 March 2017

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  • Exposure to wood products good for the body and brain (4.29MB pdf file)
    Exposure to wood products and interiors has measurable health benefits, similar those created by spending time in nature. Released in the lead up to World Wood Day on Saturday 21st March, these findings are being published in Planet Ark's Wood - Housing, Health, Humanity report.
  • Fraser Coast Council first to adopt Wood Encouragement Policy in QLD (619kb pdf file)
    Fraser Coast Council first in Queensland to adopt Wood Encouragement Policy to benefit environment and health.
  • Planet Ark announces winners of national photo competition (2.01MB pdf file)
    Photographs of a former asylum in Queensland, a picturesque jetty in Albany and a magical Tasmanian gorge have been named winners of Planet Ark's national photography competition 'Snap Some Wood'. The competition is an initiative of Planet Ark's 'Make It Wood - Do Your World Some Good' campaign, which promotes the environmental benefits of using responsibly sourced wood as a building material. Entrants were asked to submit a photo showing the versatility or beauty of wood.
  • Planet Ark partners with FWPA to promote sustainable timber as a climate change solution (421kb pdf file)
    Planet Ark, one of Australia's leading environmental organisations, is joining forces with Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA), the industry body behind the Wood. Naturally Better.™ program, to encourage the use of sustainably sourced wood.
  • 'Timber as a Sustainable Building Material' - University of Tasmania (1.10MB pdf file)
  • Make it Wood 2015- News Grab 1 (1.79MB wav file)
    96% of Australians agree that wood products and homes are visually appealing , but Planet Ark's new report shows there are significant health benefits too.
  • Make it Wood 2015- News Grab 2 (2.44MB wav file)
    Emerging research shows that being surrounded by wood at home, work or school has positive effects on the body, the brain and the environment, and can even shorten hospital stays through reducing recovery times.
  • Make it Wood 2015- News Grab 3 (2.20MB wav file)
    The feelings of warmth and comfort that wood draw outs in people has the effect of lowering blood pressure, heart rates and reducing stress and anxiety, very much like the effects of spending time in nature.
  • Make it Wood 2015- News Grab 4 (2.44MB wav file)
    More and more architects who design buildings for healing, learning and relaxation are now incorporating significant amounts of wood into their projects for the health and wellbeing benefits it delivers.
  • Make it Wood 2015- News Grab 5 (2.58MB wav file)
    There are significant health, wellbeing and environmental benefits to incorporating wood and timber products into our everyday lives, yet less than 1 in 2 Australians are making this important connection.
  • Make it Wood 2015- News Grab 6 (3.34MB wav file)
    Increasing urbanisation unfortunately means that people less access to nature in their day-to-day lives, and that has significant health consequences, so there is an important area of research in understanding how we can incorporate the benefits of nature into our indoor environments.

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